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Equally Invested. Equally Integrated.

Working thoughtfully and collaboratively, Equal Parts provides the strategy and resources needed to transform a stagnant or fractured company culture.

Who We Are

Equal Parts works with small to mid-size companies and its stakeholders. With a “hands-on,” integrated approach, we help organizational leaders drive institutional change and improve performance and productivity by working strategically and collaboratively to align business goals with their organizational culture for maximum ROI.

Our Approach

From your first interaction with our team, you’ll notice our collaborative approach. In order to create a healthy company culture, it’s critical to evaluate your current workplace environment, articulate your values and priorities, understand your business objectives, and identify your company’s key areas of excellence and opportunity.

We help you accomplish this with our signature service, Culture Operations Analysis. This event includes a half-day collaborative exercise with your leadership team, followed by a presentation and discussion of our findings. From there, we’ll take a strategic, “hands-on” approach to help you align your business goals with your organizational culture.

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Our Services

Culture Operations Analysis is our signature service. It’s foundational for understanding your organizational alignment, culture, and goals. With a unique and interactive event, we will engage with you and your leadership team in purposeful conversation about communication, organizational identity, market perception, company culture, and individual and company values.

Together in the Culture Operations Analysis event, we can identify which of our core drivers are best suited to your business’ needs. Our services include Infrastructure Optimization, Leadership Development, Integrative HR, and Strategic Recruitment, all aimed at helping your organizational leaders drive institutional change and improve performance.

Our Story

We have worked together on various projects for five years, and through that time we’ve realized that our work chemistry is rare and productive. We have polar opposite personalities, but we share the same personal and professional values. Together, we leverage our unique strengths to create impactful results.

When we partner with a business, collaboration drives our processes. We work thoughtfully with business owners, company stakeholders, middle management, company influencers, and service providers to identify needs and improve bottom-line performance. We work strategically and collaboratively to align your business goals with your organizational culture for maximum ROI.

About Us

As business owners we are always cognizant of our expenses and concerned for the bottom line. As such, historically we dismissed the need to provide professional training and direction to our management team and instead spent our time and efforts "telling" our managers what we expected.

We evaluated our results realized we were spending all of our time redirecting our management team and dealing with continual turnover. In 2016 we made a dramatic and calculated move to invest in our management team. We reached out to Equal Parts and developed a specific training program that provided training and evaluation of our entire management team. That expense turned out to have the greatest investment we have ever made. With the help of Equal Parts, we were able to identify those managers that did not meet our company values, and utilize their expertise to recruit, retain and develop the best management team our company has ever had.

- Kurt Lester, Partner at Servi-Tek

Work With Us

If you’ve identified pain points within your organization, such as a decreasing or stagnant revenue, poor morale, underdeveloped leadership, or process or procedure inefficiencies, we want to help you drive institutional change. We value community and approachability in everything we do, and we are committed to a growth mindset in improving the health of your organization.