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What We Do

Our approach is collaborative and thoughtful. Working alongside you, we blend into your organization with care and precision—building trust and avoiding disruption.

We work strategically and collaboratively with company stakeholders and employees to align business goals with their organizational culture for maximum ROI.

With a hands-on, integrated approach, we help organizational leaders drive institutional change and improve performance and productivity through Infrastructure Optimization, Leadership Development, Strategic Recruitment, and Integrative HR.

Design. Develop. Transform.

Why we do it

We believe you can have it all—a healthy bottom line and happy employees. The most successful organizations create an environment that aligns business goals and objectives with the skills, talent, and passion of the people they’ve employed. A healthy organizational culture promotes shared success, resulting in a zero sum game for the company stakeholders and the employees.

What is Orginizational Culture?

Organizational culture is the heart of your company. It’s your personality, your approach, your attitude, your character, and your behavior. It’s what you believe and it’s how you attract and develop your people and your customers. Culture is your work environment and your processes. It drives your success and defines your reputation.

Our Culture

When Organizational Culture is Stagnant...

...a business may experience symptoms such as:

  • Dysfunctional work environment
    • High employee turnover
    • Low engagement and morale
    • High workers’ compensation claim frequency
    • Under-performing employees
  • Lack of talent development and succession plan
    • Undeveloped key talent
    • Undiscovered key talent
    • “Owner magic,” where all organizational value is perceived to exist solely in the company owner
  • Poor infrastructure
    • Inefficient time management
    • Operational complacency
    • Unclear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and expectations

When an Organization Has a Healthy Company Culture...

...a business experiences the following:

  • Increased valuation
  • Employee happiness, leading to improved performance
  • Increased brand value
  • Increased sales
  • Organizational stability
  • Increased customer retention and growth
  • Increased efficiency and impact
  • Decreased turnover and the attraction of top talent
  • Industry recognition

A healthy organizational culture = increased profitability

Our Manifesto

We are equals—collaborating on a plan. We’ve got grit. We are determined, committed, and persevering. ROI is more than an acronym; it’s our driving force. We practice integrity. We’re accountable to our partners and ourselves. We are purposeful, responsive, and results driven. We’re committed to the process while being mindful of our partners’ intentions, goals, challenges, and expectations.

Yes, we are straight shooters (no fluff!) but we’re equally approachable and empathetic. We ask for honest feedback and take it with humility and appreciation. We are collaborative and mindfully engaged. We are curious and creative—creating custom solutions for each and every client we work with.

We are a community.

As a small business owner, I wear many hats to ensure my company runs smoothly and efficiently daily.  As I began hiring more employees, I noticed an area I was lacking: Human Resources.  Equal Parts stepped in and within a month they identified areas of noncompliance, streamlined processes, and corrected employee handouts to follow state and federal guidelines.

I feel confident when speaking to an employee if an issue arises and know Equal Parts is only a phone call away if I do not know the answer.  As an employer, feeling protected in a world of ever changing rules and regulations is vital.  Equal Parts gives our company that security.  I would highly recommend them to any company, small or large, looking for an expert in the world of human resources.

- Lisa Lee, Owner at Hoss Lee Academy

Partner With Us

Collaboration is a huge part of what we do. We’re passionate about working alongside you to understand your business, identify areas for improvement, and partner together to transform your organizational culture.