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Working With Us

Committed Collaborators

Though we may be new to your business, we are experts in our field—and committed to understanding your unique successes and opportunities. It’s a process, and we expect to learn along the way. You can be real with us, too, as we prefer to work with you, not direct from a distance. We know that getting buy-in is critical, and we’ll help do this without disruption.

Results-Driven Professionals

Equal Parts is made of seasoned specialists who are bright, innovative, and open in their approach. Their proven process is both strategic and collaborative—providing meaningful, custom plans that deliver results and drive positive transformation.

Our Approach

Our Approach

The Foundation: Culture Operations Analysis

The Culture Operations Analysis is our signature service and is the foundation of our approach to organizational alignment. In order to create a healthy company culture, it’s critical to evaluate your current workplace environment, articulate your values and priorities, drill into your “why,” understand your business objectives, and identify your company’s key areas of excellence and opportunity.

The Core Drivers

Strategic Recruitment

It’s not enough to simply recruit top talent. You have to understand your company culture in order to determine what type of employee is the best fit for your organization. Once these traits are identified, we’re able to help you attract not only the most qualified people but also the type of candidates that match your company vision and values. This is a critical first step in decreasing employee attrition.

Integrative HR

Having a comprehensive human resources department isn’t a practical investment for most small to mid-size organizations—you’ve got one person, and they may wear many hats. Equal Parts helps you bridge the gap. We partner with you, collaborating on the best practices and creating tools and resources that align with your company values. From job descriptions to handbooks and from legal updates to basic trainings, we help you transform your organizational culture through an HR lens.

Leadership Development

Identifying and developing your key leaders is an important investment in the growth of an organization. Your company culture and operations affect the lifecycle of your employees. We work with you to identify what this lifecycle looks like and how to improve it, aligning your culture with your people to achieve high performance and employee happiness. Investing in your top performers impacts the health of your whole organization and the profitability of your business through measurable results.

Infrastructure Optimization

Businesses often struggle with a lack of resources or time to invest in core objectives or new initiatives. We help identify where your organization is pushing the boulder uphill, uncover the “why,” and assist in implementing solutions that drive operational efficiencies, with the end result being clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), an engaged workforce, increased accountability, and improved productivity. The bottom line? Real results and more time to pursue your goals.

Thank you so much for the effort you continually put into building the relationship with all of us here at BJ’s Rentals! We appreciate the insight Equal Parts has and the constant encouragement to be the best we can be.

We certainly benefited with Equal Parts coming in and providing a fresh perspective on our day-to-day operations. Equal Parts, being a result driven company, was able to assist us with in improving our operations and efficiencies in the busiest aspect of our business. Issues in key areas were identified and processes of measuring effectiveness and communication were implemented. We appreciate the integrity and genuine enthusiasm of the Equal Parts staff.

- Brad Thomas, President at BJ’s Rentals

Partner With Us

Collaboration is a huge part of what we do. We’re passionate about working alongside you to understand your business, identify areas for improvement, and partner together to transform your organizational culture.